organisational Change capability

Fiction keeps you guessing, so we like to stick to the facts.

That is why our OCCA (Organisational Change Capability Assessment) uses the best available evidence.

We have identified 16 capabilities that organisations need to build to improve their likelihood of change success.


organisational Change capability

Deep dive into your change capability 

Taking generic surveys to understand very specific problems tells you more about less and leaves you with unactionable data.

The on-line real-time OCCA is based on the best available evidence using tried and tested questions that will get to the root of the issue.


organisational Change capability

Create a narrative by simplifying the complexity of change

Taking a holistic view of organistions allows us to see emerging patterns that we cannot see by looking at parts in isolation.

Understanding the interrelationships of change capabilities creates a cohesive and compelling narrative.



organisational Change capability

Control your change journey, growing your capability to respond to any challenge.

Once the OCCA in-depth survey baselines your change capability, pulse surveys  measure whether interventions are working, leveraging learning to ensure you are continually improving.

Take the OCCA now to find out what you need to amplify and improve to build your organisation’s change capability.

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