to change?


Change is complex but learning how to change is the best investment an organisation can make.

That is why people look to us

We help organisations build the capability to change.

In a world where everyone is trying to sugarcoat and gloss over issues, we get to the root of them.

We find that fads, fashions & fiction keeps you guessing, so we like to stick to the facts.

For those looking to get ready to change, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to ebbnflow

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change doesn't matter...

until it does.

Building change capability is not about how well you implement your next change

Finding and fixing problems is usually too little too late.

Building change capability is about knowing how to change internal practices to meet external challenges.

We leave you with the capability to adapt to any change.

For those who understand that change does matter, you have come to the right place. 


Welcome to ebbnflow

Why Choose Us


We make a positive contribution because employees expect organisations to make decisions based on facts rather than fads and fiction. 

We believe  that evidence-based decision making is a commitment to shaping better workplaces that creates sustainable organisations for all.

evidence based solutions

The tools you need are at your fingerpints

improve your workplace

Learn how to create a change capable culture


Access to a wide selection of online e-learning resources for you and your team.

premium courses

Our premium courses allow you to learn, develop and improve your change capability.


Change is complex but learning how to change is the best investment an organisation can make.


While your greatest strength is your people, your greatest asset is their ability to change. We offer a wide array of consultancy services to build your change capability

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Discover why our programmes are trust by some of the worlds leading businesses. 

working with ebbnflow was fantastic.

GamCare used ebbnflow to help develop our digital workspace and improve HR processes. They used our organisational data and external research to help guide our approach to reducing turnover, analysing our staff survey results and developing our HR strategy.  I would highly recommend working with them.

Debby Morrell
Director of People
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because fads, fashions & fiction just keep you guessing.