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Who we are…

Our focus is your people’s performance. We believe companies that keep challenging their assumptions about how best to inspire employees enjoy a pronounced competitive advantage. EbbnFlow uses the latest and best evidence based methods to help create high-performing positive cultures. 

What we do…

We are on a mission.  We want to speed up the impact organisational research has on business practices.  Our research shows that organisations and practitioners use outdated research  or methods which are not evidence based. We aim to change that. We believe that by combining the positive affect of people with well researched methods, organisations can be transformed into inspiring places to work.

How we do it …

To help your business flourish EbbnFlow have created the MAD² method:

  • It all starts with Meaning. Meaning is the bridge between out day-to-day work and the organisation’s mission.  Meaning minimises ambiguity which helps focus employee’s energy. Employees flourish when they can see how their hard work is contributing to an organisation’s purpose. In turn, this creates a sense of belonging helps sustain meaning and creates loyalty and trust – the ultimate ingredients for an inspiring workplace.  Read more about our meaningful workplace method.
  • Meaning drives Motivation.  Keeping employees continuously motivated is complex.  There are some basic needs that employers need to satisfy.  Simply communicating and giving employees feedback maybe counter productive.   To find out how to get the balance right read our WHAT, HOW and WHY blog on motivation.
  • Motivation must be Aligned.  People are the key to creating value in organisations.  The performance management processes converts and aligns people power to organisational success.  For effective performance management managers need to master our MAD² .  EbbnFlow have also developed our own proprietary Employee Performance Management Maturity Model (EPMMM) which you can try right now!  
  • Alignment creates Accountability.  Employees are willing to stand up and be counted when they know that every ounce of their energy contributes to their organisation’s purpose.  People will start to find, own and solve challenges.  Then you have something meaningful to talk about…
  • Accountability generates Dialogue. Accountability focuses conversations.  The door to feedback opens when everyone knows what they are doing and that they want to do it better.  Imagine an organisation where everyone is constantly seeking ideas on how they can improve.  A lot of the time just a simple affirmation is enough to keep the energy levels up.
  • Dialogue leads to Development.  Open, honest conversations identify development opportunities.  Therefore, continual dialogue creates opportunities for on-the-job-training.   As a result, dialogue develops line managers as coaches and mentors.  This can shift performance conversations from being awkward and functional to being generative and inspiring.

In Summary …

Our method is simple – it is MAD² = Meaning, Motivation, Alignment, Accountability, Dialogue, Development.


Ebbnflow = Evidence Based Business (EBB) + For Love Of Work (FLOW).

We are passionate about using evidence based thinking to create positive working environments.


What can we do to make a difference?

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