Meaningful Work Research : How to create meaningful work

meaningful work

Why is meaningful work important?

Meaningful work connects employees to everything.  It connects them to their own potential (Doing Your Best), to their organisation’s purpose (Doing For Others) to their colleagues (Being With Others) and themselves (Being Your Best).

Meaning is also the why of motivation and motivation is the why of behaviour.  So meaning is also the starting point to change ways of working in organisations.

If meaning is really the starting point for understanding all human endeavour, can it be the mediator and integrator of disparate theories in organisational behaviour such as motivation, alignment and engagement?

This research aims to find out…

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Meaningful work : The WHAT, HOW & WHY

The search for what makes life meaningful must have started when humans first set their eyes on the stars.  In our previous blog we suggested that meaning is the ‘why’ of all human endeavour. It is the process we follow to rationalise our own existence. It is the link between our reality and dreams.

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