Meaningful Work Research – would you like to participate?

Commissioned by the Government the 2017 Taylor Report  states that ‘good work’ should be a national priority.

It stresses that people should be able to flourish and grow at work improving their well-being whilst driving productivity. Respecting and trusting people to do a good job also creates an adaptive workforce that can deal with uncertainties such as digitalisation and Brexit.

The bottom line is that employees want to be heard and have meaningful work. They want to know they are doing something useful, something that they can feel proud of.

I am looking for organisations who are interested in getting a deeper understanding of whether they create meaningful work.  The research is aimed at validating my Meaningful Work Matrix which considers:

  • Being Your Best : This is a process of engagement and congruence as employees endorse their work as being aligned to their own values and beliefs. The research asks whether employee’s work contributes to their own meaning in life, whether employees have the opportunity to express themselves at work and whether they like who they are at work.
  • Doing Your Best : This is a physical expression of autonomy and competence as employees endorse their own behavior.  The research asks if employees feel competent at work , whether they have clear goals and feel a sense of accomplishment at work.
  • Doing For Others :  This is about creating a clear sense of what really matters to the organization and its corporate identity. This creates a sense of purpose and impact amongst employees.  The research asks if employees feel they really help customers/clients and whether employees see the connection between their day-to-day work and the organisations purpose.
  • Being With Others : Employees feel a sense of belonging and relatedness as they interpret their own behaviours in relation to others creating cultural meaning.  Here the research asks whether employees get on with one another and how committed they are to the organisation’s success.

The aim of this MSc research is to build on modern theories of meaning, motivation and engagement to create a practical and integrated model of meaningful work.

The research method is a questionnaire combining tried and tested questions taken from theories that have emerged as the best predictors of workplace meaning, motivation and engagement. The questionnaire will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. If companies are willing, I would also like to conduct focus groups to assess the motivational climate in the organisation.

The research also aims to complement and ‘deep dive’ into findings from your employee engagement surveys. This may highlight new strengths and challenges but will also build on themes that are already within your HR Strategy e.g. staff turnover, creating cultures of innovation, agility etc.

Please contact me (the researcher) at or call me on 07562570000 if you are interested.

The research has been cleared by the University of East London’s Research Ethics Committee and complies to the British Psychological Society Code of Ethics and Conduct (2009).

Look forward to hearing from you!

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