Employee Performance Management : A free diagnostic tool

Is rethinking your  Employee Performance Management (EPM) the top of your agenda for 2018? If so, I may have something that will help.

Traditional EPM models are backward looking and solely focused on performance.  Evidence suggests that forward looking competency focussed conversations not only boost performance but increase organisational agility.

To help companies decide on the next steps for their EPM, I have developed a proprietary EPM Maturity Model (EPMMM) which measures 18 areas of your EPM’s capability.  It includes:

  • alignment to business strategy
  • effectiveness in driving business performance
  • quality and timeliness of feedback
  • quality of goal setting
  • integration with other HR processes
  • how the EPM data is used

I would like to further validate the model before finalising it.  If you would like some free consultancy on the EPM process then please complete the assessment here.  Once you have completed the assessment I will send you an outline of your EPM’s process strengths and potential areas of improvement.

While I understand the weakness of maturity models  (they over simplify reality, lack empirical foundation, neglect the potential existence of multiple equally advantageous paths etc) I think there is still value in them if used correctly.

I am not suggesting there is a perfect ‘end state’ or an EPM blueprint.  Companies may aim to be at a lower level of maturity because that suits their current business model.  I am hoping the results from the model will focus conversations about the optimal EPM process for your organisation i.e. help identify WHY some areas need to be developed whilst  keeping other areas as they are.  This conversation may also reveal an alternative maturity level than the one outlined in this model.

The model has been built by reviewing the best research on how goal setting
setting and performance appraisal contribute to performance, case studies and my own experience.  I hope you find it useful!

Click here to take the questionnaire.

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